do babies eat paella?

Today I had paella for the first time in my life when LW, Joey and I went to check out Ambush, this restaurant near my place that brands itself as “fast casual European dining”.

It was an.. interesting experience (: I’m not sure if good paella is done this way, but today’s paella used Japanese rice grains (I think) and was totally covered with this thick, rather tangy tomato base. Which made it taste almost like porridge (or baby-food). But I’m not complaining! For $14 (including taxes) this paella lunch set had a generous portion of seafood, and the Earl Grey tea that came with the set was surprisingly good.

And have I mentioned how wonderful the waitstaff is? Ambush certainly wasn’t lying about the “fast, casual European dining” experience, with the prompt service and rather affordable prices. Am I being unfair if I expect a restaurant that brands itself as “casual” to be cheap as well? I know semantically the word “casual” doesn’t mean “cheap” but I am inclined to think it carries such connotations.

Ah I love how much I’ve been discovering about my neighbourhood. (:

I was reading the blogs of a few of my IB friends, and IB just strikes me as this course where everyone works tremendously hard. What with “working 5-12midnight everyday”, rushing assignments and making sure they’re good because they count toward a final grade. And again I wonder if I should have gone and done IB instead- I remember just a few years back I was so sure I’d “get 5 points and go to ACS”. But well things happen and as fate/life/personal choice would have it, I ended up in RJC HP instead. No it’s not that I regret coming to RJC, but I always wonder how life would be different if I chose IB instead in 2009. Yeah maybe it’s true that IB covers less depth than the A Levels, but how these kids are so busy with turning in assignment after assignment, isn’t this what school’s supposed to be like? A remarked to me that “HP’s not as rigorous as it’s made out to be”, and I agreed. School’s been loads of fun, but sometimes I feel that I’m not busy enough.

I’m sure History/Chem/Physics etc kids would find my statement ridiculous, and declare that it’s just my “slack” combi-subject of ELL that’s giving me too much time. They’ve got a point, but if ELL were an IB subject I would be doing coursework and Independent Study papers, like how ELL is done in the British A Levels (which is trying to become more like the IB). And my Math homework would contribute toward my final grade, which is a good thing really.

At this point I suppose you think I’m crazy. :P

But hey it’s just because I feel rather unprepared for the As this November. Or maybe it’s because I’m Asian or something, since Asian kids thrive on pressure and homework.

Ok I’m off now. Gah sometimes I think I write in such a bald manner!


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