this is my backyard

I took my X3 along for one of my runs through the Macritchie woods, just to take some pictures (and listen to Lush 99.5 – its music is really good to run to, surprisingly). It still amazes me how I’ve been living here for almost 9 years already but am only starting to discover the gem that is my backyard this year, after going on those weekly runs with Mr Rollason. No it’s not that I haven’t gone tramping in Macritchie before, it’s just that I’ve never before derived so much pleasure from going to the woods, such that I don’t even mind going alone.

Be prepared for an onslaught of green! ;)

Misanthropist-me sometimes desires to just camp out here the entire day and read. I’d actually go ahead, if the temperature’s like 16degrees or something.

Doesn’t this spot remind you of an amphitheater!

Not far from the amphitheater is an observation spot called Jelutong Tower. Apparently it’s close to this Shinto Shrine too (now gazetted as a national monument).

It’s the stuff of movies, but the story goes that Syonan Jinja was built by the Japs who believed its sacred location (or treasure?) would promise them victory in WWII. And its location is demarcated by where the first sunbeam falls in daybreak. (SPI did some sort of a test, but unfortunately the “first sunbeam” falls on the lake in front of Syonan Jinja. Does this mean the supposed treasure is buried underwater?)

Ah I wanna go find this shrine but how on earth do I get there?! 

Iced coffee after my run has become somewhat of a ritual. This place serves very good coffee btw. (I can have it unsugared)

Okay back to my work! I really need to change my sleep/wake patterns.


4 thoughts on “this is my backyard”

  1. Hmm…I dont think that’s a problem unique to this eatery–when you eat Bak Chor Mee the most u get is a lettuce leaf, when u eat chicken rice u get cucumbers (unless you order oyster sauce veg). If you’re so concerned about it then bring your own salad. Or go over to Prata House shops for dinner. There’s pretty good BCM and also Astons nearby, and salted caramel or rochor beancurd for dessert.

    Shall we run together one day? Or more like stroll cos I dont run very well on uneven ground, me who doesnt know he’s falling till he’s fallen. (Wth am I saying man Im just lazy but oh well that’s the way I am. Even when I jog you could probably walk faster than me.) After CT?

  2. The mushroom place is run by old chang kee. Their stuff is generally not bad. Chicken curry is pretty gd tho u may find it tastes a bit like the inside of a curry puff. Their puffs are from old chang kee so not bad either, mushrook puff is actl chicken mushroom n has a chicken pie like filling

    1. Hah I never knew that place was run my Oldchangkee! I wonder why their coffee’s so nice though. My only gripe about their meals is the lack of veggies. (Yes potato’s a veg but the lack of green on my plate disturbs me– especially when I have to camp there literally the whole day)

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