This photo’s a rather accurate representation of my class’ Retarded Quotient, don’t you think! Note Hongyi’s cheeky grin as he moves into position- and why on earth do I look like I’m in complete agony! (From this description you should’ve figured that the obvious star of the picture is of course, Minyee) :D She doesn’t read this blog (I hope!) so hey I think I won’t get slaughtered for doing this!

Ah what will I ever do without my wonderful class (:

The madness of CTs is over for now, and there’s lots of stuff I wanna get done, and this includes figuring exactly what to do with my hair. (which is, btw, giving me tonnes of problems) Like I told Rachel and Anna on Wednesday, having the only hairstylist who understands your hair quit her job is akin to having your wife (who happens to be the only person in the world who cooks edible food) get a divorce on you.

After reading Joe Green’s Looking For Alaska, I feel rather inclined to name my hypothetical future daughter Alyeska! Or at least date someone with that name – do you not agree Aleut/Inuit names sound so adorable!

And no that’s not the only takeaway I got from the book, thankfully. More than just being a piece of teenage high school fiction (I outgrew that when I was 12, I think) it makes you think about relationships, living life and the purpose of it all really. Not to the Ishiguro kind of depth, though, but still it makes for a nice, relaxed read you can finish in an hour or two. Do note that the content’s not PG-rated though- if that bothers you.


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