good on you, sir!

Not too long ago I was telling Joey how I regretted seeing Chen Show Mao walking out of CHS and not saying hi, and we consoled ourselves with the hope that he was there to buy tickets for Homecoming or something.

Fast forward to today: Well look who came for Homecoming!

There was a slight hint of incredulousness in his eyes when I asked him how he found out about Homecoming. “Well.. I do keep in touch with the alumni!”, as if it were absolutely retarded not to do so. And then was I convinced that he’s a true blue CHS boy. (: Well it’s not like the other ex-CHS politicians (who are ostensibly more high-profile than him) don’t grace CHS functions, but only Mr Chen came down for Homecoming, just saying.

But then again if you’re an ex-CHS politician who happens to live in Bishan too, not  going for Homecoming in the absence of severe mitigating circumstances is a very silly thing to do, so I guess he was just doing what’s normal.

I hope he didn’t get too traumatized by the hordes of people who clamoured for shots after our request! I wish I could have talked to him more, but hey I’m sure there’ll be lots of opportunities for that. After all, he lives in my neighbourhood. (:

Anyways, it sure is good to be home. My teachers are still the same bunch of fantastic folks I knew back then, save for Mr Tan getting married to his lawyer-lover (who refuses to tell us how he proposed!). Interestingly Mr Julian Teo came back after his stint at Crescent Girls’, which just about reflects how irresistible we are to our teachers, I think. There’s something special about the teachers we’ve got here, and the learning experience which results is something which can’t be/is not replicated elsewhere, I believe. I’m still not sure why it’s like that, though!


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