busy old fool, unruly sun..

Why dost thou thus, through windows, and through curtains call on us?

Not in the John Donne sense of the phrase (thankfully!), but still, this current spate of 32/33 degree weather must stop soon before some poor soul gets roasted alive! I was telling Adi today how I might just take a UCAS offer (if one exists) anyway even if NUS Law says yes, just so that I can escape this horrid weather. And like how our conversations go, it became a discussion on whether being “cold and miserable” or “hot and miserable” was better, with “miserable” being the common denominator.

I still insisted that I’d be better off cold and miserable though. I like to think I’m a misanthropist of sorts sometimes, and what kind of a misanthropist wanders around in scorching temperatures anyway!

CT2s are over, and as of now it’s been meh(rde) (pick one, or both haha). Not that I’m complaining though. As are still somewhat distant (gah why do I keep writing double!) but hey the only thing I can do now is start revising right. Oh and recalibrate my expectations. It’s no longer “I wanna go to XYZ school and get ABC scholarships” anymore, but rather it’s more like “I just wanna go to law school”. Not that it makes much of a difference anyway, since almost all the law schools in the world want near-perfect scores. >< I could discuss why I want to go to law school and face all the mad pressure and competition that comes with it, but lets leave this for another post shall we.

It is indeed scary when all you can see in your future is this: “it’s either law school, or law school” (as Adi puts it). But we’ll get there, somehow.

This reminds me, while trawling through Lawnet yesterday I chanced upon something rather interesting about Mr Rollason. Nothing incriminating or anything, but I shouldn’t paste what I saw here since it’s not polite, so all I’ll just say is that I know some stuff even the history kids don’t! Makes me a rather good stalker, eh ;)

I’m proud to announce that Every Teardrop is a Waterfall has finally grown on me! I wish Chris Martin’s vocals were more pronounced though, and that the music weren’t so.. “electronic”, like how David Choi does it.

Can you spot the bit from Strawberry Swing in it? (:


One thought on “busy old fool, unruly sun..”

  1. “It’s no longer “I wanna go to XYZ school and get ABC scholarships” anymore, but rather it’s more like “I just wanna go to law school”

    Recalibrating expectations: the story of my life :| oh well pluck and luck will get us through.

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