Kataribe [n]: Storyteller

The author used to serve as a Communications Specialist in the Republic of Singapore Navy on one of its Landing Ship Tanks, and looks forward to starting his law school journey in 2014.

Among his academic interests are Law, Philosophy and Literature, particularly because they demonstrate just how complex and difficult this world is. They constantly remind him that one can never be too cocky or self-assured when it comes to knowledge, and that one must never treat life in a cavalier fashion.

In his free time he enjoys going on long walks, sometimes with no destination in mind. Also, he counts himself a music enthusiast who gets overwhelmed whenever he encounters a piece beautifully and thoughtfully crafted. Above all, he adores the company of his friends not just for the presence they provide, but because they inject colour, meaning and hope into this world of his.

This author grew up on a diet of Scooby Doo, Jurassic Park and Cartoon Network. One of his earliest life-changing moments happened when Cartoon Network became a 24 hour broadcast channel.


13 thoughts on “roobyroobyroo!”

  1. man me too lol, from end of school last year till now i’ve been wanting to write. but just couldn’t get down to it ):

    1. Hahahah this blog is immortal! Won’t ever be dead. :P Ahh we must meet up again to talk about the days of yore. :)

  2. Wow hello. It was a random decision to click on the link on your msn pm. XD Interesting stories haha =) Why do you only write about army stuff?

    1. Hi thanks for visiting! =) Lol I don’t really have time to write and hence coincidentally the first 2 stories I uploaded were about army. No worries, this blog is not about army, I’ll definitely write about other stuff once it gets up and going.

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