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do babies eat paella?

Today I had paella for the first time in my life when LW, Joey and I went to check out Ambush, this restaurant near my place that brands itself as “fast casual European dining”.

It was an.. interesting experience (: I’m not sure if good paella is done this way, but today’s paella used Japanese rice grains (I think) and was totally covered with this thick, rather tangy tomato base. Which made it taste almost like porridge (or baby-food). But I’m not complaining! For $14 (including taxes) this paella lunch set had a generous portion of seafood, and the Earl Grey tea that came with the set was surprisingly good.

And have I mentioned how wonderful the waitstaff is? Ambush certainly wasn’t lying about the “fast, casual European dining” experience, with the prompt service and rather affordable prices. Am I being unfair if I expect a restaurant that brands itself as “casual” to be cheap as well? I know semantically the word “casual” doesn’t mean “cheap” but I am inclined to think it carries such connotations.

Ah I love how much I’ve been discovering about my neighbourhood. (:

I was reading the blogs of a few of my IB friends, and IB just strikes me as this course where everyone works tremendously hard. What with “working 5-12midnight everyday”, rushing assignments and making sure they’re good because they count toward a final grade. And again I wonder if I should have gone and done IB instead- I remember just a few years back I was so sure I’d “get 5 points and go to ACS”. But well things happen and as fate/life/personal choice would have it, I ended up in RJC HP instead. No it’s not that I regret coming to RJC, but I always wonder how life would be different if I chose IB instead in 2009. Yeah maybe it’s true that IB covers less depth than the A Levels, but how these kids are so busy with turning in assignment after assignment, isn’t this what school’s supposed to be like? A remarked to me that “HP’s not as rigorous as it’s made out to be”, and I agreed. School’s been loads of fun, but sometimes I feel that I’m not busy enough.

I’m sure History/Chem/Physics etc kids would find my statement ridiculous, and declare that it’s just my “slack” combi-subject of ELL that’s giving me too much time. They’ve got a point, but if ELL were an IB subject I would be doing coursework and Independent Study papers, like how ELL is done in the British A Levels (which is trying to become more like the IB). And my Math homework would contribute toward my final grade, which is a good thing really.

At this point I suppose you think I’m crazy. :P

But hey it’s just because I feel rather unprepared for the As this November. Or maybe it’s because I’m Asian or something, since Asian kids thrive on pressure and homework.

Ok I’m off now. Gah sometimes I think I write in such a bald manner!



This is my new secret hideout/muggertoading spot. (:

On Saturday Jiayi and I booked ourselves for an ArtsFest experience that can essentially be called “simulated speed dating”. Initially we felt a little disappointed with the level of engagement Internal by Ontoroend Goed provided, but after examining what transpired I was somewhat overwhelmed with questions. About the ability of theater to manipulate, and if there is a method behind “chemistry”. About my not-so-usual behaviour during the one-on-one session. About the agenda of the actors (which is not made known to the audience). Wondering how much of conversation and relationships is a construct, and if I could replicate such a scenario myself.

Evidently I was mindblown. (which is a good thing because it means bang for my buck) (: I’d love to discuss the goings-on of Internal with you, but it’s too complicated to document in a single blogpost, and I don’t want my thoughts to be misconstrued, so if you wish to know you can always chat personally with me.

I’m looking forward to receiving Maria Dafneros’ letter. Should I publish her letter here when it arrives?

charlie brown is wonderful (:

I’m not a person whos terribly fond of meeting new people, but memories of “first encounters” with people always make goodbyes really difficult.

In an ideal world partings would never exist, perfect relationships” would remain untainted, friends would stick together for life, etc. But hey the sooner you learn to accept that reality is never like the ideal, the easier life will be, I reckon.

Previously I wasn’t sure what I should feel after May 18 (or my last official day with Chorale) ends, no thanks to the mix of happy and not-so-happy events that transpired over these 1.5 years, but after reading Kai Tsi’s status update today I’m quite sure I know what I’ll be feeling on that day. Yup.

what if the storm ends

I always wonder what the whole point of formality is. Like when JA Andrew Phang asked the defence attorney today at the conclusion of Yong’s Appeal Judgment “any objections?”, to which he replied “no discord your honour”. It’s not like he could have said “YES YOUR HONOUR I think the judgment is bullshit!” or anything like that right? (Doing that would have got him a contempt of court violation, I think) Anyway it was quite an eye-opener, today’s trial. It was really tense though, the whole atmosphere in court. I really admire how stoic Yong was when the verdict was released. I think a person like me with nothing else to lose would end up bashing the cops around me, just for the fun of it all. No kidding.

I am quite positive JA Phang looked at Adi and I with a confused frown on his face for a good 10 seconds at least! Anyway I think I will sit in on more trials, just to get an idea of how they’re conducted. It always fascinates me how perfectly logical arguments can be constructed on both sides of a case, and yet a judge always delivers a judgment that’s logically rigorous and coherent, resolving both sides of the case. Perhaps it’s the ENTP in me itching to watch arguments. Or perhaps it’s just a morbid fascination with the criminal law process.

Ok on to other stuff! I think the original 1980 version of Fame the movie is much better than it’s modern remake. (Or rather, I am quite sure it is better, even though I haven’t watched the 2009 one yet)

And before you call me biased, I’m judging this on how Irene Cara sings Out Here On My Own compared to Naturi Naughton.

Do note that the movie’s rated M18 because of language and nudity though!


Haha Joey showed me this video on MSN which got quite a lot of flak from netizens.

Ok honestly, I don’t find her offensive at all! In fact, I find her highly amusing, and besides, she’s got a point! Just because she’s a white girl talking about another race doesn’t make it racist. It’s a bit like the Wee Shu Min saga that happened a while back (actually I am much more willing to defend this UCLA girl than Shu Min)

I don’t know about what people actually do in the UCLA library, but over where I live, no one talks on their cellphone in the library. At least not overtly! A library’s a library for a reason! And some dude’s response video on how she should just “get earphones, duh!” completely misses the point. However, I’m surprised she had to go on an angry rant against Asians specifically, since the Japanese people (if that’s what she was referring to) regard using cellphones on public transport a capital sin. Or perhaps, like she said, UCLA is full of smart Asians who ace their tests and have a sterling portfolio. (No, my dear, UCLA doesn’t just “accept these hordes of Asian people” without reason. And what “American manners”? I think they’re just called Manners.)

But I love how she pokes fun at Asian stereotypes! Especially the sing-song language. “Oohhhhh! Chingchong linglong tingtong! Oohhhhh!” Reminded me of these 2 characters in comedy series Come Fly With Me. 8D

These 2 fangirls sing this hilarious song upon meeting their idol Martin Clune at the airport: Martin Clune, Martin Clune, yingtingtingling Martin Clune. Watch!

And the other stuff that UCLA Girl raises about Asians and their close family ties. It’s not like she said Asians smell, or anything offensive of that sort!  Besides, she used that point to show the irony that these kids don’t appear to have been taught manners! Also, sometimes I think it’s good to laugh at yourself, it’s a sign of maturity. This comes from an Asian who laughs at all racial-stereotype jokes, by the way. (:

So yup, I don’t think UCLA Girl overstepped her boundaries at all in this video, and I think we shouldn’t let anger cloud what the whole point of the video is: to be considerate and not make noise in the library!

Ahhh I can’t believe it’s Thursday already and I’ve still so much left to accomplish this week. But yea I’m sure I can pull through this!

I am looking forward to meeting my churchmates again this Sunday. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to show how much of a blessing they’re in my life! (:


If you talk to me about relationships you might get the impression that I’m rather cynical when it comes to such stuff. What with the thing about VDay being a day for us to get exploited by horrid, greedy capitalists, or when I wonder aloud how long some couples will actually last. Although that impression may only be half-true, it was only when I happened to see a certain friend of mine at a subway station on VDay afternoon that made me realize actually how much singles (or those who vow never to get into a relationship) are missing out on.

  1. Having someone you can meet/talk to just about anytime in the day
  2. Having someone whose mere presence will make your day
  3. Having someone whom you can lavish all your affection on
  4. Having someone you know loves you as much as you do to her
  5. Having someone, who, well, completes your world. At least when the both of you are together. “My face in thine eye, thine in mine appeares/And true plaine hearts doe in the faces rest/Where can we find two better hemispheares/Without sharpe North, without declining West?”

You know what, I think I’d actually like to not miss out on this stuff, idealistic as it may sound.

But dear Someone, where on earth are you?

it’s not that simple

Mr Sowden showed us this video today during Civics for the lesson module on Family.

While I fully agree that same-sex couples should not be denied the right to marry/have children etc, I do not agree that a family with same-sex parents (I’ll largely focus on the issue of 2 women raising a household – with respect to Zach Wahls’ speech) is no different from one with heterosexual parents. Yes they can do all the normal things families do and raise kids who aren’t any different from other kids – yes Zach Wahls is a fine college student with brilliant oratorical skills – the fact remains that more often that not, men and women parent quite differently (I’m sorry if I stereotype, but all these assertions are based on observation). And these two different parenting styles will end up complementing each other; after all, having too much of one can never be better than striking a balance right?

In my family at least, Dad’s usually the one who’s more laissez faire with the goings on in my life, whereas Mom takes a more vested interest in my development. While in the early years having Mom’s attention and Tender Loving Care is very much helpful, come teenage years I’d very much prefer to make my own decisions and do what I like to do, instead of taking orders from above (not that I dislike advice, but yeah you get the idea).

These attitudes and parenting styles extend to the household, where the mother is again usually the one to fuss around and take a strong interest in what activities you engage in at home. And to be honest I hate it when people fuss around me, when they can’t understand at all why a quiet, peaceful room is so bloody important to me. I know I’m stereotyping here again, but I think it’s because women tend to need to talk more, to build emotional bonds and gain affirmation through conversation, and hence the fact that the other party is not engaging them in talk, coupled with their maternal desire to take care of the household, will make them rather pissed off (hence resulting in fights, perhaps).

Also, their tendency to be high-strung makes the mother tend to be the disciplinarian in the household. I’m not sure about your family, but when I was young, Mom and Dad would play the good-cop, bad-cop roles  (not sure if it’s intentional!) and I think you can guess who was the one running about the house screaming “I’ll kill you!!” right? Now I know I’m exaggerating here, but imagine a scenario where the moderating role of the father is not present, and where both women in the same-sex marriage get emotional easily.

Zach Wahls turned out fine, and I’m sure lots of kids with same-sex parents grow up with a normal childhood, but I’d like to postulate that it’s their strength of character that helped them grow up normally without getting affected by the grossly unbalanced dynamics of same-sex parents. Or perhaps, same-sex parents will assume complementary roles naturally when they raise kids. Now that I don’t know.

But what I’m saying is this: Same-sex couples should have the right to marry and have kids. But this question’s got to be answered (actually I think all couples should answer this question, not just same-sex ones) before they make the decision to adopt/get artificially inseminated etc: Can they be sure they’ll be able to complement each other and give their children a proper, nurturing family structure to grow up in?