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this is my backyard

I took my X3 along for one of my runs through the Macritchie woods, just to take some pictures (and listen to Lush 99.5 – its music is really good to run to, surprisingly). It still amazes me how I’ve been living here for almost 9 years already but am only starting to discover the gem that is my backyard this year, after going on those weekly runs with Mr Rollason. No it’s not that I haven’t gone tramping in Macritchie before, it’s just that I’ve never before derived so much pleasure from going to the woods, such that I don’t even mind going alone.

Be prepared for an onslaught of green! ;)

Misanthropist-me sometimes desires to just camp out here the entire day and read. I’d actually go ahead, if the temperature’s like 16degrees or something.

Doesn’t this spot remind you of an amphitheater!

Not far from the amphitheater is an observation spot called Jelutong Tower. Apparently it’s close to this Shinto Shrine too (now gazetted as a national monument).

It’s the stuff of movies, but the story goes that Syonan Jinja was built by the Japs who believed its sacred location (or treasure?) would promise them victory in WWII. And its location is demarcated by where the first sunbeam falls in daybreak. (SPI did some sort of a test, but unfortunately the “first sunbeam” falls on the lake in front of Syonan Jinja. Does this mean the supposed treasure is buried underwater?)

Ah I wanna go find this shrine but how on earth do I get there?! 

Iced coffee after my run has become somewhat of a ritual. This place serves very good coffee btw. (I can have it unsugared)

Okay back to my work! I really need to change my sleep/wake patterns.


girl with the hazel eyes

Haha let me introduce you to some of the girls I got acquainted with during Great Asian Adventure!

This is the adorable Goldie mix we met on our first day on the farm whom I christened Sophie. Just like all puppies she was inquisitive, restless, and perpetually happy. (: (Unlike cats who are snobbish and sulky all the time) And no, I did not manhandle her! But we didn’t see her anymore on our subsequent days on the farm. Let’s just hope that Sophie was out exploring, and will find her way home when she’s done seeing the world.

Dee Dee is that you! Haha although I haven’t found that elusive picture yet, at least I have this one. Animal rights activists please read this: I was not riding the dog!

The last was an extremely huggable beagle mix who had sleepy Sophie-eyes, apparently the star attraction of Sompanya school.

Apparently there are more stray dogs than cats in Lao, and they’re extremely clever, shown by how they look left then right when crossing roads (Lao cars are LHD) and stroll across roads, knowing how drivers are so patient they’ll just stop and wait. (It’s a cardinal sin to honk in Lao, according to a Sompanya teacher)

Alright that’s all for now!

sophie i want to marry you

I swear if I found out where you live, I would hop on the next plane to your place, snuggle up beside you with one hand around your gently heaving chest and the other running through those beautiful golden locks.

Yes I know this sounds terribly wrong, but Sophie, yes you are that loveable.

on an afternoon with nothing to do..

Ivan and I decided to go urban exploring. Guess where we went! :P

Hint: It’s somewhere in Bukit Timah! (Yeah I know that’s barely a clue since Bukit Timah stretches all the way from Orchard to Clementi)

Okay the last picture should make the answer quite obvious..

And no, we did not sneak in! We just walked in, right in front of the security guard. However, we ditched ideas of waving at him though.

Having a vacuum pipe shoved down your ear sounds scarier than it actually is. The only thing uncomfortable about the experience is the loud noise it generates in your ear – something like that apparatus a dentist puts in your mouth to suck fluids up. But yeah, after 3 days of partial deafness, I’ve regained my hearing finally! And it’s quite freaky how clear my hearing is now. Just brushing my arm against a velvet sofa generates this extremely loud, sandpaper-ish noise.

And unfortunately thankfully, I won’t have an excuse not to attend chorale tomorrow.